Why do so many world-changing insights come from people with little or no related experience? Charles Darwin was a geologist when he proposed the theory of evolution. And it was an astronomer who finally explained what happened to dinosaurs.

In THE MEDICI EFFECT, Frans Johansson takes us on a fascinating journey to THE INTERSECTION: a place where ideas and concepts from diverse industries, cultures, departments, and disciplines collide, ultimately igniting an explosion of ideas leading to extraordinary innovations. Breakthrough ideas are most often “intersectional” and occur when we bring concepts from one field into a new, unfamiliar territory. In the book, Frans further offers examples of how we can turn the ideas we discover into path-breaking innovations.

THE MEDICI EFFECT, translated into 18 languages, is the definitive book on how diversity drives innovation, and its influence around the world keeps accelerating.


 "One of the most insightful books on managing innovation I have ever read." - Clayton Christensen, author of The Innovator's Dilemma

Industry and Readership Accolades for The Medici Effect


One of the Best Books on Innovation
— BusinessWeek
A Work of Art ... If you can’t read it and come up with at least a minor Mona Lisa or two, you’re not trying.
— Entrepreneur Magazine
Arthur Sulzberger: For diversity, the NYT [New York Times] has adopted the Medici Effect. Embraced diversity across all business units.
— @rkarpel
He’s written the book dozens of business school professors meant to write, but couldn’t.
— The Washington Post
A book that might fundamentally change your thinking: The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson.
— @kimmolinkama
@Frans_Johansson Can’t wait to read your new book, “The Click Moment”. The “Medici Effect” was life changing!
— @Dean_Kahremanis
There is a good deal that managers can draw from this collection of ideas.
— The Financial Times
Just read “The Medici Effect”. Fun + intelligent book on innovation & crossing concepts. Jumpstart your thinking.
— @reubenrail
@medicieffect - Still recommending your work to my readers, 7 years after meeting you. Thanks for your great work! Onward!
— @MyHelpSource

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