In today’s market, the rules are changing so fast that formulas for success are disintegrating, and multi million-dollar insights can strike anybody, anywhere, at any time. 

In short, randomness is taking over.

THE CLICK MOMENT is the first in-depth study of how randomness, serendipity and, yes, luck are the new normal. More than that, it is a compendium of 100% actionable information for how smart entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders can set “bait” for their own click moments, notice them when they happen and harness their vast potential immediately.

If a good idea is a light bulb going off over your head, a true click moment is a supernova exploding at 100 billion degrees. Frans deciphers these miniature miracles, showing that success is random but randomness is ours to control.

Industry and Readership Accolades for The Click Moment 

Depicts success as extremely unpredictable, especially when market forces are at play... Johansson’s advice is mostly spot on.
— Harvard Business Review
Fascinating book... Frans Johansson is a very talented writer... highly interesting and informative... great real life examples - making The Click Moment a compelling book to read.
— Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Frans Johansson is both a master storyteller and one of most innovative thinkers I know. The Click Moment begins as a shocker, showing that we can’t really predict much in a world that is becoming increasingly complex. Then, after shattering our illusions of control, Johansson gives us powerful tools for placing good bets in business, in everyday life, and even in love.
— Teresa Amabile, Edsel Bryant Ford Professor of Business Administration and Director of Research, Harvard Business School and coauthor of The Progress Principle
Finished reading The Click Moment by @frans_johansson. Loved it! Great follow up to The Medici Effect about serendipity.
— @shardy12
An informed and measured account.
— Financial Times
His entertaining tract is called ‘The Click Moment’ - when something falls into place and inspiration strikes.
— The Los Angeles Times
With his characteristic clarity, insight and style, Frans Johansson presents an absorbing account of the how randomness, serendipity and ‘luck’ can be used to enhance success in business and in your own life. A fascinating plunge into the riptides and cross currents of chance and opportunity that so often affect the course of human achievement
— Sir Ken Robinson, New York Times bestselling author of The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything
The Click Moment by @Frans_Johansson is a hugely enjoyable intellectual roller coaster ride. It’s the answer to The Black Swan’s question.
— @TrendyMagnus
There are a very few moments that change the direction of our lives, organizations and even entire nations. Frans Johansson has created another amazingly practical book that shows us, in a natural, fast paced and enjoyable way how to not only create more of these moments, but also how to harness them.
— Dr. Jamil Mahuad, Former Mayor of Quito and President of Ecuador; Co-founder of the Harvard International Negotiation Program
Johansson constructs a very persuasive argument.
— Philadelphia Weekly
Johansson wonderfully captures the strategy of any startup... maximizing click moments and through them, ideas that change the world forever.
— Eric Klinker, CEO of BitTorrent
In a world where random events increasingly rule our destinies, forget logic. Invite chance, then maximize it. With highly engaging and entertaining style, Frans Johansson shows us how.
— Peter Sims, Author of Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries
We live in a world where we always want to stay connected and in control, and The Click Moment reveals how this mindset is stifling innovation. Frans Johansson shows the reader how to not only capture inspiration, but to change the world.
— Marcus Samuelsson, Chef-owner of Red Rooster, Author of Yes, Chef and co-founder of

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