Frans Johansson speaks at industry conferences and corporate events around the world. His signature presentations center on themes of innovation, diversity and success:

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Frans on stage at Gartner IT Xpo and Symposium, Gartner

The Rise of the New Intersectional Leader

Extraordinary leaders are proven in uncertain times, and today's new normal—of market volatility, policy shifts and complex forces—is challenging leaders at every level. In this talk, Frans Johansson makes the case for why tomorrow's most successful leaders need to be Intersectional Leaders who can tear down organizational silos, work across diverse and divergent perspectives, and execute with agility in face of uncertainty. The audience will discover how they can develop their leadership abilities to inspire and lead change, quickly create and develop diverse teams that drive high performance, and impact growth, even when the answer is not so obvious.

Frans Johansson emphasizes a key point about innovation

Seizing Opportunity in an Unpredictable World

In today’s fast-changing and unpredictable world, the rules are changing so fast that the tried-and-true formulas for success are disintegrating. Based on the ideas in his provocative new book, THE CLICK MOMENT, Frans Johansson obliterates some of the most recognized successes as post-constructions that ignore the unexpected forces—click moments—that changed the game. Johansson makes a compelling case for why embracing unpredictability is the key to standing apart, and outlines eye-opening steps that every organization, team and individual can use to find, create and leverage click moments into a winning strategy.


Groundbreaking Innovation at The Intersection

In this talk, based on THE MEDICI EFFECT, Frans Johansson challenges the world where expertise is rewarded, walls are raised every day to divide and exclude, and comfort zones are commonly untested. He urges individuals to step into the Intersection, allowing ideas and concepts from different fields, disciplines and cultures to converge. The result is what Johansson calls the “Medici Effectthe supercharged creative output that leads to radical innovation. Johansson shows how the Medici Effect has led companies to become global leaders; products and services to yield huge margins; and the most unlikely of people to outdo the experts in their own fields. 

Frans Johansson 

Diversity Drives Innovation

The movement of people, convergence of science and advances in technologies mean that companies, cities and nations must compete on a global basis. In this new order of rising economies and beleaguered markets, understanding how to use diversity as power is more important than ever. Frans Johansson redefines diversity beyond traditional social identifiers, and demonstrates how today’s most innovative companies have used their existing diversity as a strategy to drive growth and profitability. Johansson clearly and persuasively delivers a roadmap for how any company can make diversity its most powerful competitive advantage on the innovation front. 

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Frans Johansson introduces the Medici Effect and how diversity drives innovation.

Frans Johansson previews his provocative new talk on how to harness serendipity to stand apart.

Frans Johansson illustrates why groundbreaking innovators generate and execute far more ideas than their counterparts - 99% Conference

Frans Johansson and Joi Ito of MIT Media Lab at Google Zeitgeist 2012

What clients and audiences have said about Frans:


Captured the tremendous business value of cultural diversity and its impact on innovation—in a very fun way! Frans’ presentation was one of the highlights of our conference.
— Sam Palmisano, former Chairman and CEO, IBM
Frans’ talk was clearly among the finest I have seen on campus in my 7 years at Purdue and my 18 years in and around the Purdue media community.
— Phillip Fiorini, Purdue University
@Frans_Johansson You inspired and motivated us tonight to find emerging patterns, engage our passion and network outside our comfort zone.
— @WHSRowe
Frans was phenomenal! He delivered a powerful message on diversity and innovation that has our partners still talking weeks later. His energy was palpable, and everybody loved him.
— Angela Wilkes, Director Supplier Diversity & Sustainability, Owens & Minor
Engaging, inspiring and very thoughtful!
— Stefan Johnsson, SVP and CFO, Volvo
Just had @Frans_Johansson bring my entire world into alignment...
— @iunlearn
The creative spark that Frans started still burns hot today… six months later.
— Jay Lenstrom, CEO, The Radiate Group
Excellent #gartner keynote by the impossibly energetic @Frans_Johansson on embrace unexpected outcomes and failing quickly and often.
— @thommeread
A superb job. The evaluations are in ... We have never received a 100%, on speaker evaluations. You are awesome!
— Texanna Reeves, Vice President, Sodexo
If you ever have the ability to listen to @Frans_Johansson, I strongly encourage u to do so. Greatest talk of the week2me.
— @AlexanderKrenn1
Seen a lot of keynotes over the years, but Frans Johansson’s presentation this morning goes to the top of my list! Fantastic!
— @tqmock
One of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. Inspiring innovation in all we do.
— @SmealMBA

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